Go Time!

September 24, 2013

3 weeks out from the British Championships and less than a week out from the largest Machine Fitness Shoot.

Ok so there is less than a week to go from the largest Machine Fitness shoot to date with new products and new Machines and I for one am absolutely buzzing for it. 
As some of you may know 2 weeks ago I qualified for the UKBFF British Finals after finishing second in my first competition. This meant so much to me, I mean sat here now I am still really happy with how it all went. I had been dieting and training really hard for a very long time and it was nice to get the opportunity to show my hard work off. It was a even better feeling placing 2nd and getting a invite to the British!
After the Welsh Championships I knew this Machine shoot was just around the corner with constant reminders from fellow Machine and good friend Gaz Liddon and photographer Scott Phillipson. So the following Monday after the show it was business as usual in the kitchen, out come the weighing scales, out comes the 2litre bottle and constant trips to the toilet (I have a minute bladder haha) and it was head down ready for the Shoot. I have never worked so hard on my diet and at times I really felt like throwing in the towel but the praise I get from all the Machines has seriously given me the head to keep at it and follow it all the way. Thank you!
I am currently weighing at 13 stone dead and hovering around the 4% body fat mark. I am probably the lightest I have been for around 2 years but I honestly feel as though I am in the best shape of my life. Fingers crossed this hard work comes across on the lens at the Machine shoot. I really want to do the best job I physically can representing the Machine Fitness brand and be a worthy "Machine".
At the shoot I will keep you guys updated via twitter so keep your phone handy if you wanted to see some behind the scenes pictures of all the Machines attending!
One more thing before I send you off, I am a right mischievous little one and I will be making a few video pranks to wind the guys up. If you have any ideas on something I could do, Tweet me :D
Keep killing it and remember every time you train go #MachineMode and #EmptyTheTank