Men's Physique - British Championships

October 08, 2013 1 min read

Ok so I have just under 2 weeks to go...
This weekend my fellow Machine and good friend Gaz Liddon failed to place at the last qualifier for the British. He came in looking incredible.
For him not to place this shows the level of competition is seriously high. No doubt he will be back next year taking a few trophies home.

Come Saturday the 19th of October I will be on stage competing against my idols and the people I look upon for motivation. One of those being Rob Riches. The guy is in unreal condition. 
Growing up I remember looking upon on Rob and at the time he was an ambassador for the brand LA Muscle. He was disgustingly ripped and his proportions were sick. Never in my wildest dreams would I of imagined that I'd actually be stepping on the same stage, let alone competing against him. So this will be a massive buzz for me.

My preparation is on track and I am on course to coming in a lot leaner than the Welsh Championships where I had placed 2nd. Dieting wise, it has been tough guys let me tell you.
The push from you guys behind me is seriously helping. Thanks for all your great support and fingers crossed I can do you guys proud against some seriously fantastic competitors. 

I'll keep you all updated and let you know how the day is going!

Keep killing it
Dan Yeomans