Darryl Taylor's Abdominal Destroyer

October 08, 2013

1 - Decline sit ups - x 50, 60 sec rest then another 50.

2 - Seated straight barbell oblique twists 17.5kg bar.  x50, 60 sec rest then another 50

3 - Hanging leg raises x 15 no rest then a further 10 holding a 5kg weight with feet. 3 sets 60 sec rest in between.

4 - The plank with 20kg plate on back. Hold for as long as poss.

5 - Kneeling crunches. Hold on the the tricep rope behind your neck and crunche slow and tight. Full rack of weights x 50, 3 sets 60 sec rest

Your abs should be absolutely destroyed by the end of this! Hit Machine Mode and push through the pain. 


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