5 Weeks Out!

September 05, 2013

Hey guys,

I’m currently 5 weeks out till my first men’s physique comp! I thought I’d take this opportunity to crack on whilst I got energy to lift a finger after my refeed I had last night haha...feeling full!

Just a quick insight so far as to what my diet, training and supplements involve since being under the wing of Billy Rose.

After a drastic change since teaming up with Billy my Protein remains high, however my fats have decreased slightly and as far as my carbs are concerned, the only joy I get is  from half a grapefruit, post training recovery shake and 200gms of sweet potato.

This is it when it comes to carbs. Throughout the day, with my meals, it’s strictly green beans, asparagus and spinach.

I have a variety of meats per day, which are vital in my opinion to reap the benefits of the nutritional content each contain. These meats include Cod, Chicken, Bison Steak and King Prawns.  No Casein before bed, instead asparagus blended with ISO Whey and half an avocado!  

The only fats I take in are from what I get off fish and the half an avocado. Remember, this diet is tailor made for me. Other trainers and coaches may adapt a different approach when it comes to protein sources etc. but it’s working a treat for me at the moment as you can see by my recent ‘selfies’ 

This leads me on to the supplements I’m taking at the moment for the final stages of prep, which is as follows;

Dymatize ISO Whey
Genrx - Vitargo
Dymatize - L Carnitine
MuscleTech – Hydroxycut
Multi Vitamins
Reflex – BCAA’s2

When it comes to training I think it’s fair to say it’s mainly tailored to develop my back width (king cobra effect) and developing the overall 3d image.  
This week I’m training 5 days a week with 2 rest days in between. Reps are high, ranging between 15 – 20 reps and 5-6 sets each. It’s intense! and after each session I’ve felt it the next day believe me, actually haven’t experienced anything like it!

Every morning I do fasted cardio for 40 minutes on the cross trainer and a little after weight session. At the moment, since hooking up with Billy, I’ve been drinking at least 6 ltrs of water a day (Evian). I can’t point out how important it is to keep your body hydrated. Personally I’ve seen a difference in my overall condition, performance and general well-being.

I’ve been under strict instructions not to consume any pre workouts or coffee, strictly green tea and water. Since this I think it’s fair to say I’ve slept like a log, addicted to caffeine!

Its So far so good, my body fat is dropping and my strength hasn’t been sacrificed.

After my last visit to see Billy Rose earlier this week it’s fair to say I’m on point and I’m where he wants me to be so ominous signs. I’ve recently had a new training plan so I’ll keep you updated next week as to how it goes!


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